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Our product, Lavossy Beard Filler, will help you beat the curve of your slow-growing beard, and top up the embarrassing patches, fill-in on the uneven beard area, that have been stopping you to get an entirely new look. Lavossy Beard Filler natural ingredients will soften and condition your hair and fibers, hence giving you 100% natural and glossy look.


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I was extremely disappointed with my patchy beard and immediately wanted a solution for it. After doing extensive research, the only solution I could find included using semi-permanent hair color, but I was not satisfied with it and wanted a product that can help me fill my patches seamlessly on the go and lasts for the entire day, at least. This made me build an expert team that worked tirelessly to develop a beard filler that can help people get thicker and fuller hair within a minute, is sweat-resistant, and lasts for the whole day. Lavossy beard filler has all the features that you will be looking in a perfect beard filling product.

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