Lavossy in Short

In this modern technological era, we are consistently evolving and looking for the newest innovations that can help us stand out from the crowd. We at Lavossy aim to help people with their challenges in daily lives.No Beard? No problem, we have a solution for you! Due to our long research, hard work, and passion, we have been successful in bringing a solution for the men who are dealing with a patchy beard. Our Product will make your beard look naturally thicker and more masculine in no time. The solution latch on to existing hair to provide you a natural thick look!

Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate people, working endlessly with an aim to bring the lost confidence in men due to beard problems. Based in London, we have carried out extensive research, before manufacturing the product and have tested it well, before launching it in the market, globally.About 75% of men love a thicker, fuller, and luscious beard, but unfortunately, many of them have to live with a patchy, thin, or uneven beard based on their genetic history. To find an ideal solution for such guys, our team worked together, made detailed research, embarked on a challenging journey to come up with a perfect solution for pacific beard issues.Our product, Lavossy Beard Filler, will help you beat the curve of your slow-growing beard, and top up the embarrassing patches, fill-in on the uneven beard area, that have been stopping you to get an entirely new look. Lavossy Beard Filler natural ingredients will soften and condition your hair and fibers, hence giving you 100% natural and glossy look.


  • Gives you 100 % natural look
  • Lasts through rain, perspiration, and wind
  • Don’t make your hair dry and frizzy
  • Framing your face perfectly, and precisely cover the focused area
  • Easily portable. Similar to the size of a traditional pen, you can easily carry it in your pocket or backpack
  • Easy to wash

Our Story

I was extremely disappointed with my patchy beard and immediately wanted a solution for it. After doing extensive research, the only solution I could find included using semi-permanent hair color, but I was not satisfied with it and wanted a product that can help me fill my patches seamlessly on the go and lasts for the entire day, at least. This made me build an expert team that worked tirelessly to develop a beard filler that can help people get thicker and fuller hair within a minute, is sweat-resistant, and lasts for the whole day. Lavossy beard filler has all the features that you will be looking in a perfect beard filling product.


We value our customers and their feedback does matter a lot to us. Being a part of our wonderful Lavossy family, we welcome our customers for their valuable feedback and suggestions regarding our product. This help us understand how we are bringing changes in the lives of people!

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